A Day on the Farm

A typical day on Windy View Farm starts at six am. I (Vance) go to the barn to check on the animals and to do a few chores before breakfast. After breakfast there is typically two hours worth of chores to do for our free-range chickens, free-run pigs, free-range beef, free-range turkeys, and free-range laying hens. Either I or the hired hand will do the chores which consist of feeding and watering the animals. Also, three or four times a week we will clean out their pens or sleeping areas. The remainder of the day is left to do other work on the farm that depends on what season we are in. In the winter, I typically cut firewood for the next year. In the spring, I fence to ensure our pastures will be ready to turn our animals into. In the summertime, most of my time is put towards haying to ensure that we have enough hay and silage in storage to feed our animals during the wintertime.

Vance with tractor

Flaking out hay Flaking out hay

The above picture shows me flaking out hay to dry. This is usually done midmorning to ensure the hay will be good and dry by the time we are ready to bale.

Bailing hay Bailing hay

Once the hay has been flaked out, we usually head home for lunch. After lunch, we rake the hay into rows to make it easier to bale. In the above picture, you can see that the hay has been raked into rows. Raking the hay usually takes around three hours depending on the field size. A hired hand usually rakes the hay to save time because I can start baling the hay before he is finished raking. This usually allows us to be finished around supper time, but many times we have to bale until seven or eight in the evening.

Once my work for the day is completed, I go to each barn and pasture to water and feed the animals which usually takes an hour. Sometimes if I am really busy the hired hand will help in this process.

Sunset over farm