General Questions

Q: Why did you go into Farming?

A: I grew up on a farm as a kid and lived in a farming community. Therefore, I developed a love for farming and it just seemed natural.

Q: Why support local farms that are free-range and free-run?


  • It is more ethical. Animals are meant to have space to roam and enjoy themselves.
  • Money stays in the community/province.
  • The distance the food travels to market is usually less than what you find in your local grocery store.
  • The animals are NOT given antibiotics, additives, or growth hormones. They are 100% natural which is better for you, your children, and the environment.

Q: What is the difference between free-run and free-range animals?


  • Free-run animals are in open pens where they are given space to run and roam free.
  • Free-range animals have access to grass fields where they can graze the land.

Q: What animals are free-range and what animals are free-run at Windy View Farm?


  • The cows are free-range all year round.
  • The chickens are free-range with access to the barn for wet and windy days.
  • The pigs are free-run.
  • Lamb is both free-run and free-range because of the harsh winter.

Chicken Related Questions

Q: What do you feed your chickens?

A: We feed our chickens all natural grain which comes from our local co-op store. This means that there is no meat meal, antibiotics, or steroids in our grain that we feed our chickens.

Q: How many chickens do you raise at any given time?

A: We usually have about 600 chickens/chicks at any given time. This ensures a steady supply to our markets all year round.

Beef Related Questions

Q: What do you feed your cows?

A: Cows with calves get turned out into the pasture to graze the grass in the summer time. They are fed hay and silage in the winter time. Silage is grass that is cut without drying and placed in plastic tubes to ferment. Silage is extremely high in protein and the cattle are healthy and grow when this is part of their diet. The cows are fed silage in the winter time because it helps the mothers produce more milk for their calves. The cows that are for the market are in the pasture all summer and when winter comes they are given corn and silage and still remain outside.

Q: How many cows do you have at any given time?

A: We typically have around 35 cows and calves on the farm and depending on the time of year, 20-30 steers and heifers that are getting ready for the market.

Pig related Questions

Q: What do you feed your pigs?

A: We feed our pigs all-natural hog starter and grower from our local co-op feed store. This feed has no growth hormones, additives, or antibiotics.

Q: How many pigs do you raise at any given time?

A: We have 15 sows (mothers), one boar, 60 wiener pigs, and 60 grower pigs. Annually, we typically raise about 300 grower pigs for our markets.

Lamb Related Questions

Q: Where does your lamb come from and why?

A: Our lamb comes from two farmers who are down the road from us. Windy View Farm feels it is extremely important to support all farmers who have an interest in farming. We hope to be able to ensure that they are profitable into the future by paying them a fair price.

Q: What are the lambs fed?

A: The lambs are fed silage, hay, and barley mix. In the summertime they are turned out to pasture.