Windy View Farm Ltd. is owned and operated by Vance and Lorraine Morse. We started the farm in 1980 as a small Hereford cattle operation along with selling weaner pigs. After many years it grew into a moderately large business selling to wholesalers in the Annapolis Valley. In 2007 the hog industry had suffered several years of low prices and hardship. As a result, we decided to transition our farm to be more profitable and more enjoyable.

    We decided to cut out the middle man and sell directly to the consumer at several Farmer’s Markets in Nova Scotia. Downsizing to a small scale farm and going to Farm Markets brought on many changes to the farm. We realized that to be successful we would have to be different than large retail grocery stores. As a result, we decided to make our products all-natural; meaning that there would be no growth hormones, meat meal, or antibiotics in the animal's feed. We also realized that we needed to add more products to our menu. We went from raising pork and beef in large numbers, to producing the following in small numbers: pork, beef, chicken, turkeys and eggs. We also sell lamb that is purchased just down the road from a family friend. The last change to happen to ensure our animals have the best quality of life is the chickens, laying hens, and beef cattle are all free-range (raised outside with plenty of grass to eat). Our pork is still raised inside, but is free-run (kept in open pens with plenty of space).

    The first market that we tried was the Annapolis Royal Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. We had a wonderful response from the community and there was clearly a demand for our product. However, we realized that the Annapolis Market was only during the summer months (it does go year round now) and we would need a source of income during the winter months. We felt that the Halifax Brewery Market (we are now located at the Halifax Seaport Market only) on Saturday mornings would be a great opportunity, since it is open year round and has a large population. This has definitely been a great decision on our behalf and we have developed a loyal and friendly clientele that we greatly appreciate.

    We have one additional market in Middleton that is open on Friday afternoons where we both work (we also sell barbecued hamburgers and sausages) and then we each do a separate market on Saturday (Vance is in Halifax and Lorraine is in Annapolis). We also have a local clientele who will call or email their order and either stop by and pick it up at the farm or we deliver to them.

    The history of our farm has been developing for 30 years now and it has evolved into a farm where both the animals and we as owners are happy. The animals are raised outdoors and have plenty of space to enjoy themselves. We get to enjoy seeing our customers each week, satisfied and happy with our all-natural product. We would love for you to visit us at any one of our three markets or order online!